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UNITED SUPPLY CORP is an authorized dealer and memb er of Independent Stationers with a FSSI/GSA office products contract , locally located right here in Brooklyn, NY. We are also an Ability One authorized distributor.


Who is Independent Stationers?

Independent Station ers is a powerful nationwide buying cooperative with $20 billion in buying power through its affiliation with Business Products Group International. IS is comprised of hundreds of dealers and service locations across the country with support from the natio n’s largest office products wholesaler. Independent Stationers is able to aggregate volume to reduce the cost of goods for dealer members, so they can pass the savings on to you.

IS is the most progressive dealer group in the U.S. with over 115 authorized dealers trained and certified to represent the Independent Stationers FSSI OS2 BPA and GSA MAS 75 contract. They were the first consortium to hold a contract of this type in the office products industry and are the only group to hold its own FSSI OS2 BPA.

Independent Stationers is a certified small business, each of the dealer members are small businesses and many also hold other socio - economic designations including women - owned, veteran - owned and minority - owned.

A Powerful National Network to Serve You Better

We’re armed with 31 fully stocked warehouses all across the nation. It’s an impeccable distribution network that ensures your order is correct and delivered at lightning speed. Between the local independent dealer network and comprehensive distribution network, you can do business with a local, independent company , like UMNITED SUPPLY CORP , who takes the time to get to know you, but has the muscle of a world - class operation you can tru st to meet your every need. You’ll receive competitive pricing, the hi ghest standards of customer service and fast delivery on thousands of office supplies.

Buy Local and Strengthen Your Economy

Because dealers like UNITED SUPPLY CORPdo business right in your community, one thing is certain – your business matters to us and our success depends on the level of service we provide . The result is consistent, personalized attention. Plus, together, we’re keeping money and jobs in our communities. Local businesses employ the majority of individuals in our country and in your comm unity, so they provide the most jobs to residents. Several studies have shown that the majority of these residents, in turn, funnel money back into the local economy. And since we are a country comprised of many local economies, this ripple effect strength ens the national economy too.

We’re an Experienced Government Vendor

Independent Stationers is a seasoned government vendor with the following accomplishments:

  • FSSI OS2 BPA Pool 1 Vendor – GS - 02F - XA003

  • GSA MAS 75 contract holder since 2002

  • Army BPA vendor for 6 years

  • FSSI Generation 1 Vendor

  • Authorized AbilityOne distributor

A Total Solution Comes Together for You

As a Pool 1 FSSI OS2 BPA Vendor, Independent Stationers is the total solution because we are innovative, offer competitive pricing and provide exemplary customer service.

This enables you to:

  • Capture data through sales reporting

  • Achieve small business purchasing goals

  • Remain in compliance with mandates, acts and orders

  • Support local business and economies

  • Adhere to agency - sp ecific business practices

How to Order:

  • When ordering on Independent Stationers site, choose United Supply Corp as your preferred local dealer for the most reliable and trusted service for all your purchasing needs.

  • When ordering on GSA Advantage website, choose Independent Stationers, and then United Supply Corp as your local authorized dealer.

  • When ordering on DOD EMALL , choose Independent Stationers, then United Supply Corp as your local dealer.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

P: 718 - 439 - 9387

F: 718 - 492 - 0304

E: gs@unitedsupplycorp.com


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